Not Sure about attending an ACTS Retreat?

First, here are our “Top 10 Excuses” for not attending an ACTS Retreat, so lets just get those out of the way first:

#10:       I have something better to do with three days of my life.

# 9:        I have been a retreat before.  This one is no different.

# 8:        I go to Mass every Sunday (well, most Sundays) and donate money to the                       church. Isn't that enough?

# 7:        I don’t want to have to share a room with somebody I don’t know.

# 6:        I talk to the Holy Spirit all the time and He never talks back.

# 5:        I’m not Catholic.

# 4:        I know EVERYBODY at Saint Vincent’s.  I don’t want them to know anything I would         have to share.

# 3:        I’m a busy mom (or dad).  I can’t be away from the kids that long.

# 2:        It’s too much of a “churchy” thing.  And singing!  Is there singing?  I don’t like                 singing.  That’s not “me”.

# 1:        I could not possibly get any closer to God.

As we've said before, the decision to attend and ACTS retreat is yours alone – but it shouldn't be.  Most of us are capable of making good decisions, but all of us make the best decision with a little help from the Holy Spirit.  Chances are, if you’ve read up to here, you are at least thinking about going on an ACTS Retreat.  Here are a few suggestions that may help you take that first step:

Suggestion #1:  Pray.  Then pray some more.  Use words if you have to.

The power of the Holy Spirit is an awesome and amazing thing.  All you have to do is invite Him in to give you a hand and ask Him to help you with what you should do.  By the way, this works for all decisions, not just attending an ACTS Retreat.

Suggestion #2:  Ask yourself.

Consider the reasons you are coming up with to not attend.  Are they on the Top 10 List above?  Are the legitimate, or am I legitimizing them?  Oh, and by the way:  If you are married with kids, one of the best Mother’s day gifts that can be given and received is attending and ACTS Retreat.  This has been the confirmed by several spouses of men who have come off retreat.  Odds are, having a husband who has been on retreat will be a gift that lasts much longer than that toaster he gave you last year.

Suggestion #3:   Do the Math.

What are three days compared to the rest of your life?  What if three days turned the next 30 years into days that are better, fuller and richer ones?  In Matthew 19:29, Jesus said:

And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields, for my name’s sake, will receive a hundredfold, and will inherit eternal life.”

Suggestion #4:  See Suggestion #1.

Come and be a part of something AMAZING

We hope to see you there. 

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

6800 Buffalo Speedway

Houston, Texas 77025-1405

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